Mandie Byrne

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I’m a UX Designer based in Washington, DC, currently working at Authoritive. Previously, I worked at other fast-paced startups, like Seated, Guestfriend, and Renzell. I help teams turn their ideas into beautiful, functional experiences.

My Work


Case Study

sustainABLE: My Capstone to Gamify Sustainability 

It feels like every time you go on online, there is some even worse news about the impending climate crisis. It feels overwhelming, intimidating, and frankly, kind of hopeless. There is so much information to consider and it can be hard to know how to really make a difference. 

How might we help the average person understand their impact on the environment and motivate them to make long-term, sustainable changes?

Case Study

Mood Search: Insight Timer

Finding a meditation can be stressful. For Insight Timer, the #1 meditation app in the world, boasting over 17 million users and 55,000 free guided meditations, its huge collection of content is both its advantage and its downfall.

How might we make desired content more discoverable for Listeners?

Product Design at Seated

From concept to prototype (my favorite part!) to implementation, I have experience working through each stage of product development. I've been successful both working independently and serving as a bridge between teams to bring an idea to life.

Marketing Design

From onboarding to promotional emails, social ads to flyers, I've produced marketing materials of all kinds.